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  • annie feighery

    annie feighery

    Expert in public health innovation. CEO & co-founder of @mWaterCo. MPA, EdM, EdD. Mother of 3. Domains: Tech, social networks, MCH, water & sanitation

  • Farrah Marchand

    Farrah Marchand

  • Erin MacLeod

    Erin MacLeod

    Sometimes read; sometimes write. Likes dancehall & injera. Wish I spoke más español y plis kreyòl. Author of Visions of Zion: Ethiopians & Rastafari (NYU Press)

  • Anna Iles

    Anna Iles

  • Justin Warren

    Justin Warren

    Framing the question. Questioning the frame.

  • Denesia Jonelle

    Denesia Jonelle

  • Stephanie Paredes

    Stephanie Paredes

    University of South Florida M.S. Student in the Master's International Program for Environmental Engineering. Spent 2 years in Peru working in the WASH sector.

  • Vivek Chugh

    Vivek Chugh

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