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How are votes tallied in Guyana?

Where are the 10 Regions/Districts?

Information available to date:

General and Regional Votes for Each Region by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM)

The information provided below is publicly available. The spreadsheets used to create them can be found at these links: General Election or Regional Election. As of March 8th, GECOM has released the tally of the general and regional Statements of Poll (SOPs )for all 10 districts (referred to as regions in tables). They have not released the actual SOP for each polling stations.

While APNU+AFC has filed for recounts of Regions 5 and 6, other parties have filed for a recount of Region 4. Additionally, the PPP/C filed an injunction that GECOM not declare results from Region 4 because the process of tallying the SOPs for that region was problematic. The PPP/C also developed a website and uploaded its SOPs for every polling station in Region 4. As the two main parties, the APNU+AFC and PPP/C are likely the only entities who were given SOPs for all polling stations provided they had an agent representative at that station.

General results based on GECOM data posted on their website on 7/8/20, and on PPP/C general data for Region 4 only based on Tabulating the EXCEL spreadsheet posted by them.
Regional results based on GECOM data posted on their website on 7/8/20, and on PPP/C general data for Region 4 only based on Tabulations of the EXCEL spreadsheet posted by them.


March 11th: $300 million of ExxonMobil oil revenue hangs in the balance after contentious election in Guyana remains undecided

March 9th: Whoever Wins this Election, All of Guyana Loses: A Call for a Government of National Unity

By Moses Bhagwan and Eusi Tchaiko Kwayana

We write as two Guyanese who have come out of the leadership of both major parties, who have lived through the violence of the 1960s, and who have been following with deep sadness and alarm the news of the outbreak of conflict following a mainly peaceful electoral campaign and voting process in our beloved country. People’s lives have been disrupted in the past week, and a sense of fear and mistrust is rapidly taking over our communities. History teaches us that mistrust can lead to violence, if it is not nipped in the bud. As we have already witnessed, it is the most vulnerable among us who will suffer the most. Irresponsible leadership very rarely gets affected by the disputes they consciously sow. A very dangerous situation is fast approaching.

We add our voice to statements of concern already made, and ask political leaders to come together and issue a joint statement to all of their supporters and all Guyanese, calling for peace and for an end to violence or the threat of violence and intimidation. Further, we call on the two major political leaders and parties to put the interest of Guyana on the table, to surrender their narrow goals, and to use the division of spoils as the basis of an immediate agreement of a joint government, based on the verified results of the 2020 elections. We underline the need for everyone involved in the elections machinery to fully abide by the spirit and direction of the Representation of The People’s Act.

It is fortunate that the international observers are present. This makes it possible for them to evaluate any claims of evidence of illegality in the elections process and to bring these to light. Illegalities in elections must be condemned by umpires.

At the same time, we also condemn all attempts by participants who speak about the rule of law, while they engage in disruptive tactics to enforce their will.

All these actions, as well as alleged misconduct by authorized officials, contribute to divisions and chaos in the society.
In such a deeply divided nation, it remains possible for the leaders of the major parties to de-escalate the situation by finding a mutually agreeable solution. This can be done irrespective of the outcome in the courts, irrespective of the final declaration of results by GECOM, irrespective of local, regional and international observers finally signing off on a credible election result. If nothing else, the events of the past week have underlined forcefully that regardless of who wins under this current winner take all system, Guyana as a whole loses.

A seat one way or the other, a margin of victory one way or the other, will not solve this dilemma. We simply cannot continue to kick the can down the road for yet another five years. Postponing the problem will not make it disappear. We cannot continue to accept the reluctance of the two main political parties that have brought us to this point, a reluctance that so far seems totally oblivious to the consequences that have played out in such predictable and devastating ways this past week. The security of the supporters of one major party cannot be premised on the insecurity of the supporters of the other. It is a system that guarantees that most Guyanese, starting with those most vulnerable among us, will always be shut out.
Until the system changes, whoever wins, Guyana loses.

To the leaders of APNU-AFC and the PPP, we ask you to hold your heads high and operate with integrity and humility. We ask that you find the grace to enter without delay into talks to establish a national government based on the principle of parity. Such negotiations would necessarily have to be consistent with the constitution, but it is entirely possible to envision a situation, for example, in which the winner of the 2020 elections takes the presidency but asks their prime ministerial candidate to resign so that someone from the other major party can be appointed; and where a collective cabinet can be appointed. Such a compromise would also give greater latitude to MP’s to vote against the government instead of following the herd, offering greater opportunities for accountability against corruption. This breathing space can be an opportunity to take a collective breath, and importantly provide an opportunity for our political leaders to work together on common issues. We do not anticipate that this will be easy. We call for it because it is precisely under such conditions of extreme political polarisation and mistrust that the hard but urgent and necessary work of healing for nation building is called for.

We do not claim originality in our proposal. The national spirit was evident in the political approach by leaders of both the PNC and PPP in the 1960s, in the face of a threat of lasting ethnic divisions. Following the breakdown of constitutional talks in London in the early 1960s, the leader of the PNC responded to the suggestion proposed by the United Nations anti-colonial committee for a PPP-PNC coalition to resolve the conflict, indicating that he would only agree on the condition of parity. It was a position that was not initially favoured by the PPP but members would later agree, with no less than the leader of the PPP becoming one of the foremost advocates of this position. This window of opportunity did not materialise, and over fifty years later we continue to experience the effects of that failure. No less of a visionary approach is demanded in the current situation, so much more dangerous and threatening to our beloved Guyana.

March 8th: Guyana Court Halts Release of Election Results Amid Fraud Accusations (US News & World Report)

March 8th: The Citizenship Initiative maintains call for Region Four verification to resume

March 8th: GECOM says will not flout the Laws

March 8th: Chief Justice rules; injunction blocking declaration of elections results remains in force

March 8th: World Bank accused over ExxonMobil plans to tap Guyana oil rush

March 8th: Condemnation of attempts to undermine the electoral process

We the undersigned call on the Chairperson of the Guyana Elections Commission, the CEO, Assistant CEO, Returning Officers and Deputy Returning Officers to fulfill their legal and statutory obligations to ensure that a transparent and credible process for counting, recounting, and verifying the votes of all who cast ballots for their choice of political parties on March 2, 2020 is honoured and adhered to as set out in the relevant sections of the Representation of the People Act. We urge that all relevant processes as set out in the Representation of the People Act be carried out in the presence of accredited national, regional and international observers.

We condemn in the strongest terms any and all attempts to undermine the electoral process in Guyana.

Guyanese have fought and struggled for too long to have their fundamental rights to free and fair elections and elections free from fear trampled on in 2020.

We are alarmed at the acts of intimidation, the threats, and verbal attacks including sexual threats to women and girls, the physical violence, the reports of property invasion by groups, attacks on police officers and schoolchildren and ethnicity-based attacks being reported in several communities. Recent reports of the loss of life of one young person points to escalating violence which must cease immediately. We condemn and call on all Guyanese to condemn and refrain from all racial and ethnic slurs and actions, to respect the rule of law and keep the peace. We call on all political parties to abstain from provocative statements, ensure that their supporters do not violate the fundamental rights of any citizen and keep all protest action free from any kind of violence or intimidation. We call on the police and security forces to protect the rights of all Guyanese and carry out their duties without bias in accordance with the law of Guyana. We also call on Guyanese of all ethnicities from all regions to resist attempts to promote violence and hostility and to allow the Guyana Police Force to perform their duties.

We know, and history has shown, that it is always women, children and the vulnerable, particularly poor women and children, who are most affected when ethnic hostility and violence flare up.

Guyana belongs to all of us.

Yours faithfully,

Karen de Souza for Red Thread
Josephine Whitehead &
Danuta Radzik for Help & Shelter
Omattie Madray for ChildLink

March 8th: GECOM finalising elections results despite injunction

March 7th: PPP election commissioners to boycott GECOM meetings until court cases end

March 7th: Guyana Opposition Calls Nation a Police State as Tensions Mount (Bloomberg)

March 7th: Acting Assistant Secretary for U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs Tweet.

March 7th: Reporting on High Court Ruling to be made March 8th

March 7th: Afternoon High Court Hearing on Injunction

March 7th: Morning High Court Hearing on Injunction and Selwyn Pieters video

March 7th: STATEMENT RE GUYANA ELECTIONS by Hon Mia Amor Mottley Q.C., M.P., Chairman of the Caribbean Community

The Caribbean Community calls on the electoral officials in Guyana and the representative political parties to work together to achieve a peaceful and lawful completion of the electoral process in Guyana by ensuring the tabulation of the results in all Regions using the Statement of Polls in a transparent manner in the presence of the representatives of the political parties and the electoral observers.

Indeed, CARICOM issued a statement on Thursday night and one was also issued yesterday from the Chief of the independent Caricom Electoral observation team. Both statements called on GECOM to complete the electoral process.

We are very clear, every vote must be made to count; and transparently so. We have noted that all sides have been making serious allegations against each other.

It is critical that good sense prevail. The Preservation of law and order is paramount and all parties must work hard to ensure that there is peace on the roads and in the communities across Guyana. There has already been 1 death reported overnight. That is 1 death too many.

In simple language, we ask the parties to recognise that the primary consideration must not only be who will be President but, moreso, who will be alive come next week or next month, for there cannot be a tolerance for any further loss of life.

I have spoken to both the President and the Leader of the Opposition and indicated that CARICOM stands ready to be able to be there to facilitate further dialogue and any actions that are necessary.

We have done this on many occasions in the past, including in Guyana, when elections have been highly contentious and when social order and the rule of law has been threatened across the region.

We are family and this is what happens when they are disputes in families.

We will work together to create the space for dialogue and resolution once there is an acceptance of the part of all parties that there is a higher interest beyond simply the result in this election.March 7th: Amerindian People’s Association

March 7th: Supriya Singh Statement

March 7th: New York Times called out for labelling Indo-Guyanese people ‘descendants of farmhands’

March 7th: Guyanese police may soon use armoured vehicles to stop protesters

March 7th: Protester Killed in Guyana as Unrest Spreads Over Vote Fraud Reports (NY Times)

March 7th: Cops kill election protester in Guyana (Guardian TT)

March 7th: Election protester shot dead in Guyana (Jamaica Observer)

March 7th: Exclusive: U.S. discussing non-renewal of Chevron’s Venezuela waiver, moves to cut oil trade — sources (Reuters)

March 6th: APNU+AFC Release

March 6th: Teen fatally shot at Cotton Tree protest -girl critical, three cops also injured or see video by HGP Nightly News

March 6th: Crisis Deepens in Tiny Guyana, the World’s Newest Petro State (NY Times)

March 6th: PPP/C Press Statement

THE People’s Progressive Party (PPP) notes the March 6, 2020 statement released by the Alliance for Change (AFC), which exposes its obscene duplicity.

While the AFC latches on to the initial position taken by the international community, including the Election Observer Missions, about the March 2, 2020 polling day process being free and fair, it selectively ignores the widespread condemnation by the international community, as of recent as today, of what is currently taken place.

The AFC opts to pontificate about “unfortunate events relating to the declaration of the results for Region 4” when it was complicit in the electoral fraud that was perpetrated against the Guyanese people — the declaration of results for Region 4 that were not verified in accordance with the law.
It was AFC leaders, Khemraj Ramjattan and Cathy Hughes, who declared a ‘win’ for the APNU+AFC Coalition to set the tone for the declaration of fake results for Region 4 that was to follow; despite the fact that it was among political parties that signed on to a Code of Conduct which prohibited premature declaration.

Further, the PPP rejects the AFC’s lies about the invasion of GECOM’s High and Hadfield Street office by members of our Party. Were it not for the presence of the members of the local diplomatic corps, the international election observer missions, the PPP, the other political parties, the plot to steal the Elections would not have been exposed. The presence at GECOM’s office revealed to the world the obscene complicity of some GECOM staffers and the APNU+AFC Coalition to fabricate the 2020 election results for Region 4.
The AFC is complicit in the electoral fraud that has taken place in full view of Guyana and the international community. It cannot escape this fact. Empty talk about maintaining Guyana’s democracy will not provide cover for the Alliance for Change.

The embattled Party clearly sees the writing on the wall and is attempting to save some face by touting its ‘belief’ in the principle that the will of the electorate prevails, despite the fact that efforts were being made to subvert the electoral process and the will of the Guyanese people.
The People’s Progressive Party reiterates that there be must a return to the process of verifying the results of the March 2, 2020, General and Regional Elections for Region 4, using the Statements of Polls, as required by law. This is the only process that will deliver free and fair elections and ensure that the will of the Guyanese people is not subverted. This is the only acceptable resolution of the current situation.

March 6th: APNU+AFC asks for calm and Written Statement

March 6th: General Secretary of PPP/C asks for calm


March 6th: School Bus attacked in Berbice, children injured. Cop injured & Newsroom Guyana release





March 6th: Protests at Mon Repos

March 6th: Guyana election: US concerned over ‘electoral fraud

March 6th: Observers question Guyana vote, urge Granger not to claim victory (Aljazeera)

March 6th: Bipartisan members of U.S. Congress express deep concern about elections in Guyana

(Washington, D.C.) — Today, Reps. Albio Sires (D-NJ), Eliot Engel (D-NY), Gregory Meeks (D-NY), Yvette Clarke (D-NY), and Francis Rooney (R-FL) released the following statement regarding recent events in Guyana:

“We are deeply concerned about allegations of fraud in Guyana’s elections. International election observers are in agreement that the results released for region 4 could not be verified and were presented yesterday in violation of the established vote tabulation process. We call on the election commission (GECOM) to return to the established procedure and not to declare a winner until a credible vote tabulation process has been completed.”

March 6th: US State Department Tweet

March 6th: Mr. Lennox Shuman (Liberty and Justice Party) files for recount of region 4.

March 6th: Trying to serve a court order to GECOM

March 6th: Recount of Regions 5 and 6, requested by APNU+AFC commence

March 6th: Locked gates at GECOM

March 6th: Arriving at GECOM by Mr. Lennox Shuman (another video)

March 6th: Joint statement from international election observers in Guyana

The international observer missions from the Commonwealth, the Organization of American States, the European Union, and The Carter Center issue the following statement:

The tabulation of results for the election in Region 4 was interrupted and remains incomplete. The law requires that tabulation must be conducted in the presence of party agents and observers. Until this transparent process takes place, the counting of votes recorded for Region 4 remains incomplete.

The transparent tabulation of results for Region 4 must be resumed in order to proceed to the establishment of national results.

A calm and conducive environment must be provided by the police. We urge all political parties to adhere to the codes of conduct signed by them.

The Guyana Elections Commission, including the chairperson, the commissioners, the chief election officer, the returning officer and deputy returning officers in Region 4, must be available and committed to establish the results for Region 4 in accordance with the law.

Until this occurs, the result of these elections cannot be credibly declared.

March 6th: Guyana: Global Oil’s New King Of The Heap (Forbes)

March 5th: President Granger meets with supporters outside campaign headquarters

March 5th: Opposition Press Conference Mr. Timothy Jonas (ANUG) explains

March 5th: Statement from the Commonwealth Observer Group to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana Regional and National Assembly Elections

By Rt Hon Owen Arthur Former Prime Minister of Barbados Chair of the Commonwealth Observer Group

Members of the Commonwealth Observer Group (COG) have been present at the Office of the Returning Officer, Region 4 in Georgetown over the last 24 hours.

This morning and this afternoon, 5 March 2020, I personally visited the said office.

It is the clear view of the Group that the tabulation of the final election results has not yet been completed and verified according to the established procedures and relevant legal and statutory provisions.

We strongly urge the Guyana Elections Commission and all parties involved to ensure the process properly follows the legal steps dictated by the laws of Guyana and is in line with the country’s international commitments.


March 5th: Everyone removed from GECOM

March 5th: Trying to get into the Chairman of GECOM’s room (other videos from Enrico Woolford showing the lead up to getting into the Chairman’s room with questions of whether she is dead 1, 2)

March 5th: Carter Center interviewed at GECOM on Region 4

March 5th: Mr. Enrico Woolford interviews Pres. Jagdeo and asks about process in 1997 election

March 5th: Injunction filed by PPP/C (this video sums up from declaration trying to be read to injunction)

March 5th: Declaration of Results from Region 4 drowned out video from Mr. Enrico Wooldford and video from Newsroom Guyana

March 5th 2:13 pm: Disruption to counting of SOPs (video by Mr. Lennox Shuman)

March 5th 1:08 pm: Returning Officer says he has a declaration to make (video by Mr. Lennox Shuman)

March 5th: PPP/C Releases their SOPs for Region 4 on their website: The Tabulated Result based on this data can also be found here:

March 5th: Superintendent announces there is a bomb scare at GECOM & Pres Jagdeo gives out website with SOPs and PPP/C Tabulations (other video from Gerald Daryn Forde)

March 5th: Foreign Affairs Minister meets Foreign Observers at GECOM video

March 5th: Statement by APNU+AFC Campaign Co-Manager Mr. Joseph Harmon

I have received credible reports and viewed video recordings of various incidents which took place at the GECOM Office on High and Hadfield Street last evening and early this morning. I have noted that a large number of People’s Progressive Party leaders, led by their Presidential Candidate and associated persons along with known characters converged on GECOM during the night. I have also noted their behavior and conduct in general and specifically towards the GECOM staff, including the Chief Elections Officer.

The behavior and conduct of the PPP leaders and their enforcers is totally and wholly unacceptable and is to be condemned in the strongest possible terms and I do so unequivocally. I am appalled that PPP leaders would seek to intimidate and bully the GECOM staff, that they would storm into offices at GECOM which they are not authorized enter, that they would abuse staff, attempt to seize GECOM property and handle and seemingly tamper with GECOM records.

This is grave and dangerous conduct which is obviously designed to compromise the electoral process and injure Guyana’s democracy.

I call on the PPP leadership to exercise restraint and not to further contribute to an atmosphere of fear, intimidation and hostility which they have created at the GECOM office. There are reports of GECOM staff being fearful for their lives and safety as a result of the conduct of the PPP and their associates.

I commend GECOM and its officers for standing their ground even as a full assessment of the harm that has been caused by the PPP operatives is to be done. I commend the Guyana Police Force for acting decisively and with restraint.

GECOM is an autonomous agency which must be allowed to execute its mandate of the delivery of free, fair and credible elections to the people of Guyana. It is in the process of doing so and the PPP must desist from derailing their work as they are about to conclude their final tabulations before making a declaration. I call on all Guyanese to continue to exercise restraint and patience and await the official declaration of results by GECOM.

Video of Mr. Harmon

March 5th: Counting SOPs around 1 am (video by Mr. Lennox Shuman) and video by Selwyn Pieters

March 5th: GECOM CEO on resuming counting of SOPs

March 5th: Oil Bonanza Plunges Guyana Into Political Crisis

March 4th (9:00 pm): Comments on suspension of counting of SOPs for night and video by Mr. Lennox Shuman

March 4th (8:43 pm): Chairman asks for SOP counting to end for the night video by Mr. Selwyn Pieters

March 4th: CEO of GECOM on counting SOPs for Region 4 despite sick RO. Counting resumed at 1 pm and then stopped at 2 pm. It then resumed at 6 pm Problem with spreadsheet used was resolved from 6pm. See video from Mr. Selwyn Pieters here. See Prime News Video.

March 4th: Returning Officer for Region 4 sick and video from Mr. Selwyn Pieters

March 2nd: Stabroek News issues tally of SOPs counted by region.

February 28th: World’s Biggest New Oil Find Turns Guyana Upside Down
Opponents say the country should be getting more from the Exxon-led consortium amid questions of how the deal was handled

February 27th: Anger over World Bank’s $55m pledge to Guyana’s fossil fuel industry

February 27th: Massive Guyana Oil Find Continues To Grow With Fresh Exxon Discovery

February 10th: Guyana aims to agree to oil prices with Exxon before government’s first export

February 8th: Global experts shared Global Witness report

February 5th: Guyana Firmly Rejects Global Witness Report

February 5th: Watchdog Calls Massive Exxon Guyana Oil Lease An ‘Exploitative Deal’ As Public Referendum Looms


January 20th: Guyana’s first-ever oil cargo to be refined by Exxon in the U.S.

November 3rd, 2019: Flood of Oil Is Coming, Complicating Efforts to Fight Global Warming

August 27th, 2019: End House to House registration

August 13th, 2019: The World’s Newest Petrostate Isn’t Ready for a Tsunami of Cash Guyana is investigating oil leases at a rocky political moment

December 16, 2018: Govt. allows ExxonMobil to guess its way with environmental work

July 2018: The $20 Billion question for Guyana

educate.engage.enhance. Environmental Engineer from Guyanese. Professor at USF. Coral restorer supporter. Afro-Caribbean American. All views are my own.

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